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Bend the rules.

The Nexus pares down our windsport performance wetsuits to the core: offering only what’s important. The Nexus is the perfect combination of highly flexible, mesh neoprenes ideal for windsport. An inner layering of Hotcell insulation fabric effectively traps a layer of warm water next to the skin, keeping the core temperature up.
Thickness:4/3 mm

Bamboo Charcoal
Bamboo Charcoal is best known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, but few are aware of the Far Infrared Ray (FIR) reflecting ability of this unique material. The fabric reflects the body’s FIRs back to the wearer, resulting in reduced fatigue, quicker warm-up time and improved regeneration.

Apex-Mesh neoprene is a sheet of neoprene that is heat sealed on one side only. The neoprene on the sealed side is called ‘closed cell’ neoprene and has a waterproof, rubbery texture that cuts down wind chill, making it perfect for wind sports.

Lightweight, quick drying polypropylene insulation. The cellular structure traps an insulating layer of warm water next to the skin, keeping the core temperature up.

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