Cabrinha Skillit 5.6 Sale



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The Cabrinha Skillit has been re-designed from the bottom up and features new sizes 5.6

These smaller wider designs like to be ridden strapless to advance your surfing beyond the traditional hit and run style of riding.

The Skillit is excellent for throwing down strapless tricks or airs. Think of your beach break as a skate park and you ll only be limited by your imagination.

The Skillit utilizes exclusive cork sandwich layup. This eco friendly construction provides a light weight, durable alternative to PVC reinforcement while delivering a softer, flex.
The smaller, sleeker surf shapes are designed for with whats happening today in progressive surfing.

The Skillit likes to be ridden strapless and is perfect for punting big airs.
Riding the 5.6 in small to mid sized surf is like riding in a skate park.

From rail gouges to airs the Cabrinha Skillit makes the perfect board to round out your quiver.


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