Coreban Sonic Brushed Carbon



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Introducing the new Coreban 12.6 Sonic. Shaped by Tahoe native Mike Day (Originator of Dolphin Nose).

With over 30 years of experience shaping sailboats, every aspect of the Sonic is fine tuned to perfection for effortless glide and speed. Mike has teamed up with Coreban to combine his revolutionary designs and perfoance shapes with Coreban s world class attention to quality and ability to manufacture a perfect product.

Available in Coreban s Pure Construction and Carbon/Kevlar and Brushed Carbon. Comes standard with a board bag.

Positions us at the forefront of flatwater, open ocean & downwind racing while covering all aspects of fun and touring.

Our new additions of the Sonic, Phoenix and Dart will put you ahead of the pack.
Previously only used by Team Coreban in race circuits world wide the Coreban Sonic is available to the public.

This is a highly-refined rocket ship of a race board designed for serious rec class and established elite racers looking for a boost in speed. It is available in two widths. 27 and 28. When paddling scoot up on the board to sink the nose slightly in flat water and the board will accelerate immediately.

You will get the sensation of riding on the back of a dolphin. Scoot back in choppier conditions and the nose will ride up and you will jump through sloppier conditions without losing the ability to accelerate.

The bottom of the board is designed to provide paddlers with a shape that will increase acceleration and lift onto a plane much faster. The paddler will not get a sense of a limiting hull speed with this board; there is no limit (within reason). A proven race winner and a super light rocket ship.


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